Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Dr Pepper EA Promotion Sims 3 Items: Alice in Wonderland

     Here's a  few photo's of the 10 new Alice in Wonderland themed items from the EA Dr Pepper promotion. I know that this is a U.S. only promotion but there are some great sellers on Ebay that will give you codes to get the items(I used the 10 codes for $4.75. Definitely worth it).

     These go great with the Through The Spyglass sets from the Sims 3 Store(which I do not have...otherwise I would have built up a whole cohesive room to show off the new objects).

First up is the Directions Directly Door. Obviously there's not much to say here... it's a door, comes in these three default colors/styles and can easily be recolored and patterned.

Next up is the Hatter-Do and the Not Herself, You See outfit.

I'm not a huge fan of the hairstyle,(I was hoping the little hat would be an accessory but it's a hairstyle with Accessory so you only get the hairstyle shown here) especially in lighter colors since it looks a bit choppy, but it can look great in darker colors.

The dress is nice, fully recolorable and able to be patterned on all sections.

Back View

The hat is fully recolrable and enabled for patterning. The main portion of the hat, the ring around it, the white paper slip with simlish and the accents are all separate sections.

This item is the Arch of Hearts. I did two pictures of it because you can use it in two ways. Without the moveobjects on cheat the Arch has to be connected to a wall of some sort. With the cheat you can place it as a standalone arch or series of arches to create a sort of "arch hallway" if you will. Again this one can be recolored and patterned.

Next up is the Caterpillar's Pad 

I absolutely ADORE these. You'll see why in a minute. They're a lot bigger than I expected but they are just create for making up the scenery for that Alice In Wonderland feel. The greatest thing about these though are that they have four different pattern and color sets!

This leaves them open for so many possibilities with the styling of them(you can just go crazy like I did and go for the weirdest patterning or give them subtle textures and colors/designs). The spots have their own color and pattern set too...  just didn't use them in my pictures.

Next up is We're All Mad At The Table.

The table comes in these three styles on it's own. Again you can go crazy with the colors and sections here since it's all available(even the teapot emblems).

Next up on the list is the Your Majesty Chair.

The chair comes in these three colors and is easily recolorable and patterned. I personally love this char since the cushion part of the seats have such a great velvety texture to them and look great in almost any color.

Next we have the Oh My Ears and Whiskers! Table Lamp

This lamp is really cute. It comes in these four styles(which actually have some great variances...check out the carrot and the monocle). This one can be patterned and colored although it shows up a bit less(because of the size) compared to the other items in the set.

Next up is the Begin at the Beginning Bookshelf.

These are the three colors that come with the item. It's pretty standard fare for a bookshelf. Any parts you can recolor and pattern on other bookshelves are available here.

The last items out of the 10 is the Jabber-Clocky and the Bottle me decor item. This functions as any of the other clocks in the game. It comes with these three colors as defaults. Everything can be recolored and patterned except the clock face. I really just love the look of this thing and the curves and overall feel of it.

The Bottle me item(seen in between the clocks) is the only item that isn't able to be recolored or patterned at all. It's a nice decor item though(I just wish we could have changed the bottle and liquid colors).

Well that's all for this post. I've been working on my review for Generations...been using a family for the pictures so it's been a long trip considering there are two children(one is a child and one is a toddler) so I can't do any of the teenage pranks/prom/graduation yet. But it will all come together eventually.

Happy Simming!

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  1. I love those Alice-Items. I didnt use them even though I have them in my game. I should really build an Alice-house soon!